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Wilderness Adventure Weekend

July 17th at 8am -July 19th at 11am

What's in YOUR backpack?  How well could you survive if you became lost on what was supposed to be a short hike? Bring your pack with only what you would normally carry on a day-hike, and we'll show you what you can do with it in a survival scenario.  Then we'll show you what's in OUR backpacks, and why!  In this fun but challenging class, you'll learn the basics of SHELTER, WATER, FIRE, and FOOD, wilderness first aid, and more.

Food is provided, but students must cook it themselves over a fire! 

Cost:  $295  (limit 12 students)

Cast Iron Campfire Cooking

August 22nd at 9am -August 23rd at 2pm

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A five-star meal cooked over a campfire (or firepit)?  Why not!  

Learn to master the art of the Dutch oven and skillet as we prepare meals with local and wild harvested ingredients.  Between meals, learn knife skills that will have you chopping and dicing like a pro, learn to sharpen a knife (bring your own knife if you'd like!), how to season and care for cast iron cookware, and take a walk to forage some wild plants to add to the pot.  Ingredients for the meals you will be cooking are included.  Camping on the property is available at no extra cost.

Cost:  $175  (limit 8 students) 

Wild Food and Foraging

August 29th at 10am - August 30th at 2pm

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Spend a weekend in the beautiful mountains of Maine, learning about our wild and medicinal plants!  We will learn to identify wild and backyard plants, and how to prepare them for food or medicine.  We will also discuss the concept of 'tending the wild', and indigenous or traditional uses for the plants we find.

Meals are provided and will include wild and foraged ingredients.  Camping is available on site at no additional cost.

Cost:  $175  (limit 10 students)

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Animal Processing

October 3rd at 9am - October 4th at 3pm

In this hands-on class, students will learn to butcher an animal into all of its usable parts.  Because whole animals are subject to availability, we will not know which animals we will be working with until closer to the date of the class, but we will include at least two species.  Possibilities include rabbit, fowl, fish, or larger mammals.

Meals are provided and will include the meat we have processed, cooked over an open fire.  Camping is available on site at no additional cost.

Cost:  $325  (limit 6 students)