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Classes 2023

Camping on site is included with all classes.  If you don't want to camp, the Upton House Inn is only a mile away.  There are many other options for accommodations in Bethel.  Be sure to reserve early, as they tend to fill up quickly in the summer.


Naturalist Weekend

With Jonathan Shapiro
of Fox Paw School


July 22-23

To build authentic relationship with the wild world, we need to read what's happening on the landscape around us! Join Jonathan Shapiro of Fox Paw School for an intro to the land as we learn to identify and interpret what we see in the more-than-human realm.


We'll construct a broad-scale ecological framework of the area, then focus on tree and plant ID, animal tracking, and bird language/identification, and connect it to the cycle of the seasons. And of course, we'll have time for contemplation of and gratitude to the beings with whom we share our home.


Most of our time will be in the field, with a few short classroom segments.

On-site camping and four meals are included (Saturday lunch and dinner, and Sunday breakfast and lunch). Those students who are coming from farther away may want to arrive Friday evening to be ready to begin Saturday morning.


Cost: $200

Limit of 12 students

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5th Annual
Moose Ridge Gathering

With more than 20 talented instructors!

August 3-6

Join us for a long weekend of camping in the wilderness and choosing from 30+ different classes and learning opportunities!  The gathering is always a great time with a community of great people.


Introduction to Fiber Arts

with Laura Wolfer

August 19-20

August 19-20

Class is Full
Please email us at contact@mooseridgewild to be put on the waiting list in case of cancellations


People have been processing plant and animal fibers into thread, yarn, and cloth for tens of thousands of years.  Once you learn the basic methods of spinning and weaving, you can begin to create beautiful and unique yarns and textiles.  In this class we will go over many of the different natural fibers that can be spun, how they are processed, how to spin with a drop spindle, and weaving on a frame loom.  All materials are provided.

On-site camping and four meals are included

(Saturday lunch and dinner,

and Sunday breakfast and lunch)


Cost: $200

Limit of 10 students


Foraging Food & Medicine

with Laura Wolfer

September 2-3


Have you always wanted to forage for food and medicine but didn't know where to start?  Here's your opportunity!  We will learn to identify some of the many edible and medicinal plants commonly found here in the Northeast.  We will also talk about the benefits of including wild foods in the diet, and learn the basics of making plant medicines.   

On-site camping and four meals are included

(Saturday lunch and dinner,

and Sunday breakfast and lunch)


Cost: $200

Limit of 10 students

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Innate Health
Reclaiming our Ancestral Connection to Earth
A Weekend Retreat

with Laura Wolfer

September 8-10


Class is Full
Please email us at contact@mooseridgewild to be put on the waiting list in case of cancellations

Are you confused by all of the different diets, supplements, and fads that promise to make you healthier?  This class will not tell you what you should eat, or recommend a specific diet.  Instead, you will learn what your body needs to truly thrive, and to begin to heal from the chronic diseases, gut dysbiosis, and toxic overload that we all face in modern times.  Even today, people still living and eating the way their ancestors did (such as the Hadza Tribe), have almost no cancer or other chronic diseases.  It's not difficult to begin making changes that bring us closer to true health.


Some of the many things we will talk about:

-Why most of the food we eat no longer nourishes us and how processed foods can lead to disease

-Understanding food labels and choosing the healthiest foods from the store

-Where you can find the most nutrient-dense foods and why this is important

-The crucial importance of the microbiome to physical and mental well-being, and how to improve your       microbial community and gut health

-What sunlight and time outside actually does for our bodies

-Avoiding common toxins in our food and environment

-The importance of phytochemistry in our diet (the medicinal chemicals in plants)

Over the course of the weekend, we will be tasting some of the world's most nutrient dense foods, learning to make a simple ferment for gut health, and enjoying an evening fire.  

On-site camping and six meals are included

(Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast, lunch and dinner,

and Sunday breakfast and lunch)


Cost: $325

Limit of 12 students


Mayhem on the Mountain

September 28-October 1

Survival 5.webp

This weekend survival class and challenge is designed to set you up with a full experience where you can BE in the wilderness, while practicing these fun skills. Camp out in rural Maine with a group of like-minded folks sharing the same interest as you. Coffee, lunch, and dinner will be provided during class learning time. Campsites will be provided.

Students will learn various skills depending on which team they choose to be on. Expect to learn various styles of fire building, shelter construction, water purification, and methods for obtaining food in the wilderness. We are keeping many details of this experience vague as the element of surprise will add to the quality of this challenge. Any items that you make in class you are welcome to take home with you to remember the awesome experience you had. 


Survival for Snowmobilers

with Cheeny Plante, Tim Swanson, and Caelan Dunwoody

Saturday December 2
9AM - 3PM

Would you know what to do if an emergency happened while snowmobiling?  Especially miles out on the trail and far from help?  What if someone in your party is injured, you get lost in the back country where there is no cell signal, or the weather takes a sudden turn for the worse?  Could you get home safely?


Come spend the day with survival and emergency medical experts and learn what to do if things go wrong while on the trail. It could save your life! (or someone else's)

Some of the skills we will cover include:

-what to bring with you every time you head out on the trail

-staying warm


-stopping bleeding

-splinting injuries

-signaling for help

Hot Cocoa and Lunch included!


Cost: $75

Limit of 30 students

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