Shelter Building

Friday July 9 


Sunday July 11

     The ability to build a shelter is an essential outdoor skill and often the number one priority in a survival situation.  Having adequate protection from cold, wind, rain, or snow can be the difference between life and death, especially in extreme environments.  The environment you're in, the materials at hand, and the amount of time you expect to stay will determine the type of shelter you need, from a quick lean-to for getting out of the rain, to a more permanent structure. 


     In this class we will work together to construct a Northland Tilt, a long-term log tent shelter which can be used year-round. 




In this class you will learn:

-Types of shelters

-How to choose a good shelter site

-Basic knots and lashings

-Principles of insulation and water-tightness

-Principles of structural integrity and safety

-Cutting building materials with a knife, hatchet, and axe

-Safely maintaining a fire in or near your shelter

Cost  $150


Optional Meal Plan  $50


Dinner Friday & Saturday

Breakfast Saturday & Sunday

Lunch Saturday & Sunday

What to bring:

  • Tent and camping gear

  • Food  (we have communal cooking areas)

  • Water bottle (drinking water is provided)

  • Clothing for damp or chilly conditions (we are in the mountains and weather can change quickly)