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 . . that are the exception rather than the rule, are highly complex systems. The most rigorous and accurate way to simulate them is through the use of the modal methods. To this end, the majority of the ATHRUS 3D buildings that are currently built are simulated by the finite element method. A general problem, however, is that the building is partitioned into small elements and the interactions between them are not properly taken into account. It is for this reason that new methods are constantly being developed in order to integrate the simulation of the components and interfaces into the three-dimensional representation of the system, instead of treating the components and interfaces separately. The fundamental objective of ATHRUS COMBINED is to develop and implement a methodology and a software tool for integrated analyses of building systems. This will be done through the establishment of a proper procedure for the development and the validation of the components of the modal method, and for the integration of their outputs into the three-dimensional model. On top of this, the software tool, called COMBINED, should allow the use of different components, including partitioning methods, and allow a combination of different types of analysis, including analyses of the structure alone, of the mechanical interaction between the components, of thermal stress, etc. In the short-term, this work will be developed to achieve the following objectives: (i) simulate a multi storey building with the modal method; (ii) model and analyse the building, and identify the most relevant building components; (iii) determine the key factors that affect the modal results; (iv) assess the robustness of the results to changes in the load; (v) investigate the incorporation of thermal stresses into the modal analysis; (vi) incorporate the non-linearities and the dynamic effects into the simulations; (vii) integrate the components into the building through interfaces; (viii) assess the performance of the combined model and integrated model when analysing the building using the finite element method; (ix) integrate building components into the building; (x) characterise the errors and quantify the range of error in the structural analysis; and (xi) perform analysis and compare results between the new method and current methods. In the medium-term, these objectives will be extended to improve the building components and their integration into the building, to develop an integrated parameterisation method, and to develop and integrate new types of analysis. In the long-term, we will develop the




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