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How to Get to Moose Ridge


*Please be aware that there is no cell service in the Grafton Notch area, so make sure you write down or download directions ahead of time!*

Moose Ridge is located at 176 Back Street, Upton Maine. 

The phone number is (207) 533-2147


If you are coming from the direction of Bethel, Maine, you will be taking Route 26 through Grafton Notch.

When you reach Upton, Back Street is the first left turn (onto a dead-end, dirt road).  There will be a Moose Ridge sign at the end of the road. 


If you are arriving via route 120/Andover, you will take Upton Road, which becomes East B Hill Road.  At the end of East B Hill Road, you will take a left, followed by an almost immediate right onto Back Street.


Once on Back Street, you will drive up-hill for about a mile, then Moose Ridge will be on the left.  There is a Moose Ridge sign at the end of the driveway. 

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