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Moose Ridge
Wilder Waters


Upton, Maine

July 25-28

Adult          $158

Age 11-18   $85

Age 5-10     $55

Under 5       FREE

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Interested in teaching at the Moose Ridge Gathering this year?


 Our Gathering is an unforgettable experience of learning and community, all with a relaxed and family friendly atmosphere.  This is a not-for-profit event, with ticket prices applied towards actual costs and land conservation.  Our goal is to reconnect humans and Nature, and to preserve and perpetuate the incredible skills and knowledge of our ancestors.

Choose from 20 or more classes offered by experts in

Ancestral Skills     Homesteading     Traditional Crafts     Survival Skills       Nature Connection     Herbalism     Holistic Health     Bushcraft     Kid's Activities               and everything in between!

Rustic campsites are nestled between balsam and spruce in the sub-boreal wilderness.  Enjoy miles of scenic trails and views, both on the property, and a short walk down the road.  

We offer work trade opportunities!  
Inquire at:  contact@mooseridgewild 

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This year, Wilder Waters Gathering will be joining us at Moose Ridge.  We will be combining our skills and efforts to bring you an even better Gathering!  Some of the many new activities we will be adding this year include:

-Archery and Rabbit Stick competitions with prizes

-Women's Circle and Men's Lodge

-Primitive Skills Obstacle Course

-Even more kid's camp activities!

-Option to arrive early and take a day-long intensive course (includes a wild food lunch!) 


Learn more about Wilder Waters non-profit:

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  • Facebook - Black Circle
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 Classes and Instructors

Plant Walks, Animal Processing, Flint Knapping, Atlatl, Canning Food, Campfire Cooking, Coal Burned Bowls, Tracking & Awareness, Eating Acorns, Pelt Tanning, Buckskin Pouches, Needle Felting, Primitive Fire, Wilderness First Aid, Drum Circle, Dance, Medicinal Tinctures, Animal Husbandry, Primal Movement, Jujitsu, Yoga, Basketry, Leather Stitching, Botanical Illustration, Yoga, Animal Calling, and more!
Women's and Men's Circles
Cacao Ceremony
Drum and Dance Circles
Primitive Skills Obstacle Course
Atlatl, Archery, Rabbit Stick, and Axe Throwing Contests!

Thursday Intensive Classes

New for 2024!  Arrive Wednesday evening and take a day-long intensive class with one of our expert instructors on Thursday.

This class also includes a special wild food lunch!!!  You will need to purchase a separate ticket at the link below. 


If not everyone in your party signs up for the Thursday intensive, the entire party may arrive Wednesday evening, but only ticketed individuals may participate in the class and lunch.

Early bird:  $75

After May 1st:  $100

Thursday Intensive Class Options:

Mahoosuc Wanderings with Arthur Haines
Make an Atlatl with Tim Swanson and Bob Berg
Make a Folded Bark Basket with Harmony Cronin 
Make a Wood Framed Hand Drum with Len Mackey 
Rifle Marksmanship with Kevin Bouck
Navigation with Cheeny Plante
Tracking with Jonathan Shapiro


*Attendees can either bring their own food, or buy-in to our community meals*

Breakfast and Dinner are provided.  Some snacks and prepared foods are available for purchase.

If you choose to bring your own food, you may bring a camping stove, or cook over our central fire.  We have cooking grates and cast iron to lend.

Community meals are provided at-cost (of the food, and the preparation by our team of chefs).   Our food always gets rave reviews!

*You must purchase meal tickets at least two weeks before the event, so that we have time to plan amounts*

We believe that food is one of the most important things we can share with others.  Wholesome food, carefully prepared, not only nourishes the body, but also brings people together in community.  

Our food is organically grown, local, and/or wild.

Friday Potluck

Friday dinner is our traditional potluck.  Bring or prepare a special dish to share!

If you are traveling from a distance and can't bring a dish with you, we have a potluck buy-in option, where Moose Ridge and Wilder Waters will provide additional food on your behalf.

Our Location

Moose Ridge Wilderness School is in the Western Mountains of Maine, not far from the New Hampshire border.  Though we may be located 'off the beaten track', the area's natural beauty and remote, unspoiled wilderness is well worth the trip.

All within a short drive of Moose Ridge (15 miles or less):

-Lake Umbagog

-Androscoggin River

-Magalloway River

-Swift Cambridge River

-Rapid River

-Dead Cambridge River

-Swift Cambridge River

-Bear River

-Frye Brook

-Whitecap Brook

-Campbell Brook

-Umbagog Wildlife Refuge

-Grafton Notch State Park

-Screw Auger Falls

-Appalachian Trail

-Step Falls Preserve

-Dunn Falls

-Old Speck Mountain

-Baldpate Mountain

-Puzzle Mountain

-Dozens of ponds, hiking trails, and vistas

When registering for the Gathering, let us know if you would like to arrive a day early to enjoy the area.

Email us at:  contact@mooseridgewild 

Trade Blanket
Our Saturday Night Tradition

There will be one ADULT and one CHILDREN'S trade blanket.

Trading items, food, and medicine is an ancient human tradition and we are excited to offer a trading event at the gathering! The trade blanket works by having everyone sit in a circle around a blanket on the ground. We take turns as one person brings something they would like to trade and puts it in the center of the blanket. Those who would like to trade for that item will put their item for offer on the outside of the blanket. If the person whose item is in the middle likes one of the offers, they may make a trade! The trade is completed by trading items, shaking hands, and saying “good trade”. The group goes around in a circle taking turns until a full circle has been completed.

People who wish to trade may bring a small cloth to lay in front of them to present their tradable items throughout the event. This allows everyone to see what is out there and may make a side trade. “Side-Trading” usually happens throughout the trade blanket (quietly so as not to bother the central trade) and can continue after the group has completed a full circle of central trades. People may approach others with an item they would like to trade and offer the items for something they are interested in. The trade may be completed at any time during the trade blanket as long as it is not distracting to the central trade.

The beauty of the trade blanket is that everyone brings something they are willing to let go of in hopes to get something new to connect with. The trade blanket is based fully on a barter system and usually does not involve cash, however, cash may be offered during side trades.

What items are encouraged at the trade blanket?
● Tools
● Outdoor Gear
● Homemade Food and Medicine
● Crafting Materials (example-basket weaving materials, bow building materials)
● Wildcrafted Projects
● Animal Skins, Fur, and Leather
● Jewelry
● Bows, Atlatls, and Other Primitive Weapons (no guns)
● Baskets
● Yarn
● Homemade Soap
● Blades (knives, machetes, axes)
● Antlers, and Bones
● Foraged Food
*Try to keep it limited to items that you would expect to see at a primitive gathering.


What items are NOT encouraged at the trade blanket?
● Cash (allowed on side trades)
● Electronics
● Candy or Non-Homemade Food
● Old or Expired Food and Medicine
● Offers That You Can’t or Won’t Commit To

Save time at check in!
Print and sign our liability waiver here:

What to Bring

  • Tent   Please try to bring smaller sized tents, as we are in the woods and there are not many sites suitable for very large tents.  A tarp under your tent will prevent damage from small stones or roots.

  • Cot, Air Mattress, or Thick Sleeping Pad   Again, we're in the woods, so the ground isn't always perfectly flat.  Bring something soft to sleep on so you're comfortable!

  • Sleeping Bag or Warm Blankets   We're at a higher elevation and it can sometimes get chilly at night.

  • Gear for Rainy Weather   Just in case, but keep your fingers crossed for good weather!

  • Flashlight or Headlamp 

  • Water Bottle   We have an artesian well for drinking water.

  • Plate/Bowl/Cup/Utensils   We will provide warm water and soap for washing your dishes.

  • Food (for lunches and snacks)


You May Also Want to Bring:

  • Items for the Trade Blanket (kid's blanket and adult's blanket)

  • Food to share for the Friday Dinner Potluck

  • Notebook and Pen

  • Camping Chair

  • Picnic Blanket

  • Snacks or Drinks

  • A Knife (used in many classes)

  • Yoga Mat (if you plan on participating in morning yoga)

  • Money (some classes have a materials fee, and we have a sales tent, as well as snacks and lunch items!)

Please note that we don't have trash cans.  Carry in, carry out!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What is the bathroom situation?

A:  When we have so many people visiting at once, port-a-potties are our only alternative.  They will be centrally located.  Peeing in the woods is also an option!

Q:  Do you have WiFi/cell signal?

A:  We are in the wilderness, and there is little to no cell signal except for a few of the highest points on the property.  We do have WiFi available near the main cabin for emergencies and checking in with family and friends.  The is also a landline if you need to make a call.

Q:  Are there showers?

A:  Not at this point, although we're working on it.  There is a warm water hose for washing hands/dishes/etc.  Many people enjoy driving a short distance to Lake Umbagog or one of the many nearby rivers or brooks to take a dip.  Umbagog State Park (3 miles away) has coin (quarter) operated showers available.  

Q:  Can kids take 'adult' level classes?

A:  Most of the classes welcome kids as well as adults.  However there may be a minimum age on classes that are a bit more dangerous for our youngest attendees, or require an adult level of skill and concentration.  An example would be flint knapping, where razor sharp edges are produced.  Instructors will set appropriate age limits for each class, and as always, parents are responsible for making sure an activity is appropriate for their child.

Q:  I want to attend, but I don't want to camp.  Are there any other options?

A:  If you don't like camping, or are physically unable, you can book a nearby inn or hotel.  Upton House Inn is only a mile away, but make sure you reserve a room well in advance!  There are many other options in Bethel (30 minute drive), but again, book well in advance as rooms fill up fast in the summer.

Q:  I'm only free on the Saturday but I really want to attend.  Can I come for just one day?

A:  Yes.  Please email us for a special rate for registration and meals.

Q:  Do the community meals have vegetarian or gluten free options?

A:  We do our best to have vegetarian and gluten free dishes at every meal.  However, when serving such a large number of people it's impossible to accommodate all food restrictions/allergies, so if you have a very restricted diet you may want to bring your food with you.  The menu is published above so that you can decide which option would be best for you.

Q:  Do you allow dogs?

A:  Although we love dogs, we have found that it's just too difficult to have many dogs together at an event.  There are inevitably dogs that don't like each other, and people who may not want to interact with dogs that are enthusiastic about joining in, etc.  Unless you have very special circumstances that you communicate to us ahead of time, please arrange a separate but fabulous vacation for your dog.  Service dogs are of course allowed.

Q:  Are pop-up campers allowed?  What about car or truck camping?

A:  Because we are located on a ridge in the forest, we have VERY LIMITED space for campers.  If you are travelling, etc., and need to bring a camper, please let us know well in advance to reserve a spot.  There are also very few spots for car/truck camping on the property.  However, there is unlimited car/truck camping when parking along the road (a quiet, dead-end, dirt road).

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