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Moose Ridge Gathering

August 3-6

Upton, Maine

Interested in teaching at the Moose Ridge Gathering this year?


 Moose Ridge Gathering is an unforgettable experience of learning and community, all with a relaxed and family friendly atmosphere.  This is a not-for-profit event, with ticket prices applied towards actual costs.  Our goal is to reconnect humans and Nature, and to preserve and perpetuate the incredible skills and knowledge of our ancestors.

Choose from 20 or more classes offered by experts in

Ancestral Skills     Homesteading     Traditional Crafts     Survival Skills       Nature Connection     Herbalism     Holistic Health     Bushcraft     Kid's Activities               and everything in between!

Rustic campsites are nestled between balsam and spruce in the sub-boreal wilderness.  Enjoy miles of scenic trails and views, both on the property, and a short walk down the road.  

We offer work trade opportunities!  
Inquire at:  contact@mooseridgewild 

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2023 Classes and Instructors

Coal Burned Bowls
Wool Felting
Broom Making
Rabbit Processing
Pelt Tanning
Medicinal Plants
Wilderness First Aid
Home Canning
Tinctures & Infusions

Leather Wallets
Buckskin Pouches
Animal Husbandry
Soap Making
Kid's Activities
Forest Therapy
Raising Poultry
Spoon Carving
Friction Fire
Campfire Cookery
Tree Identification
Naturalist Walks

More classes will be added soon!    

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Our Location

Moose Ridge Wilderness School is in the Western Mountains of Maine, not far from the New Hampshire border.  Though we may be located 'off the beaten track', the area's natural beauty and remote, unspoiled wilderness is well worth the trip.

All within a short drive of our campus (15 miles or less):

-Lake Umbagog

-Androscoggin River

-Magalloway River

-Swift Cambridge River

-Rapid River

-Dead Cambridge River

-Swift Cambridge River

-Bear River

-Frye Brook

-Whitecap Brook

-Campbell Brook

-Umbagog Wildlife Refuge

-Grafton Notch State Park

-Screw Auger Falls

-Appalachian Trail

-Step Falls Preserve

-Dunn Falls

-Old Speck Mountain

-Baldpate Mountain

-Puzzle Mountain

-Dozens of ponds, hiking trails, and vistas

When registering for the Moose Ridge Gathering, let us know if you would like to arrive a day or two early to enjoy the area.