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Beginners Foraging

for food and medicine

Saturday August 28


Sunday August 29

     Have you always wanted to forage for food and medicine but didn't know where to start?  Here's your opportunity!  We will learn to identify some of the many edible and medicinal plants commonly found here in the northeast.  We will also talk about the benefits of including wild foods in the diet, and learn the basics of making plant medicines.   



In this class you will learn:

-How to identify common edible and medicinal plants

-How to make medicinal teas and tinctures

-The benefits of eating wild foods

-Making poultices and 'bandages'

-Making salves

-Much more!

Cost  $75

Meal Plan  $35

(Includes Saturday lunch and dinner, and Sunday breakfast and lunch) 

What to bring:

  • Tent and camping gear

  • Food  (we have communal cooking areas)

  • Water bottle (drinking water is provided)

  • Clothing for damp or chilly conditions (we are in the mountains and weather can change quickly)

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