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Hide Tanning

Friday August 27


Sunday August 29


(arrival by Thursday night is recommended since we will start early on Friday!)

     Tanning animal hides is an art that people around the world have practiced since the stone age (or maybe longer!).  By altering the protein structure of a hide, it becomes something all together different:  a fabric that can be made into durable clothing.   



Students will take home their own finished buckskin!

In this class you will learn:

-How to scrape, tan, soften, and smoke a whitetail deer hide

Cost $395

Optional Meal Plan  $55


Dinner Friday & Saturday

Breakfast Saturday & Sunday

Lunch Saturday & Sunday

What to bring:

  • Tent and camping gear

  • Food (if not purchasing meals)

  • Water bottle (we will provide drinking water)

  • Clothing for damp or chilly conditions (we are in the mountains and weather can change quickly)

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