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Moose Ridge Gathering

2020 Instructors

Tim Mullen

Tim will be teaching us how to make primitive ice fishing traps.  Be ready to catch your dinner next winter!

Caelan Dunwoody

Caelan will be teaching free-standing tarp shelters, and will be demonstrating many other skills throughout the weekend.

Marie Somers

Marie will be teaching

us how to make soap*.   Each participant will take home thier own batch of all natural, handmade soap!


She will also be teaching how to make a deer bone needle case.


*there is a materials fee for this class 

Kate Wentworth

Kate will be teaching

us how to make bundle bows, which will be followed by a competition!  

She will also be leading a leather stitching class, where students will make a small pouch to bring home.

Joshua Pavese

Joshua will be teaching a bowl carving class!

Mike Dube

Mike will be teaching a tracking class, and he will also be telling traditional Mi'kmaq stories around Friday night's fire!

Laura Wolfer

Laura will be leading an edible and medicinal plant walk.

Darlene Akers

Darlene will be teaching a plant energetic healing class, connecting us to place and featuring some of our local, native flora.

Tony Pike

Tony will be teaching Natural Navigation (day and night), and will be demonstrating several other skills.  Tony is coming all the way from the Ancient Wisdom Survival School in Missouri to be at our Gathering!

Ryan Eacret

Ryan will be teaching flint knapping as well as snares and primitive fire!

Tim Swanson

Tim will be teaching a class on how to eat acorns, from gathering to cooking!  Learn how to take advantage of this abundant, free, and nutritious food source!

Check back for updates as we add instructors and classes!

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