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What to Bring


Tent  (Please bring smaller sized tents.  We are in the forest and there are not many sites suitable for larger tents.  A footprint of 10x10 or less is ideal.  A tarp under your tent will prevent damage from small roots or stones, just remember to tuck under the edges so that water doesn't pool under your tent if it rains.

Cot, air mattress, or sleeping pad  (We're in the beautiful forest where the ground isn't perfectly flat.  Bring something soft to sleep on so you're comfortable)

Sleeping bag or warm blankets (It can be chilly at night in the mountains)

Gear for rainy weather and extra dry clothes (Just in case)

Flashlight or headlamp

Water bottle (We have an artesian well for drinking water)

Plate/bowl/cup/utensils (We will provide warm water and soap for washing)

Knife  (There are many classes where a good knife will come in handy)

Bag for any trash  (We are a carry-in, carry-out event)


Items for the Trade Blanket &/or Kid's Trade Blanket


Food for the Friday dinner potluck

Notebook & pencil/pen

Camping chair

Picnic blanket

Food for lunch or if you didn't purchase meal tickets

Extra snacks or favorite drinks (We provide water, coffee, and tea)

Cash (Some classes have a materials fee, and there will be opportunities to purchase items or materials made by our instructors.  There will also be a raffle, and a few games and contests with the opportunity to win a prize! Proceeds from games and contests go towards land preservation)

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