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Thursday Intensive Classes

New for 2024!  Arrive Wednesday evening and take a day-long intensive class with one of our expert instructors on Thursday.

This class also includes a special wild food lunch!!!  You will need to purchase a separate ticket at the link below. 


If not everyone in your party signs up for the Thursday intensive, the entire party may arrive Wednesday evening, but only ticketed individuals may participate in the class and lunch.

Early bird:  $75

After May 1st:  $100

Thursday Intensive Class Options:

Arthur Haines:  Mahoosuc Wanderings

“In the abode of hungry animals” (one possible translation of the word Mahoosuc), we will wander the rugged terrain of Grafton Notch, exploring the land and applying our ecological knowledge.  Food and medicine plants will be a focus, though we will examine and practice a suite of place-based skills as we encounter different wild lives and landforms.  Conditions allowing, we will cook using primitive methods.  This is an experiential journey where we will learn based on the situations that arise.  Come with an open mind and heart.  This foray is weather dependent given the terrain we will be exploring.

limit 8 students


Tim Swanson and Bob Berg:  Make an Atlatl (and learn to use it!)

Join Tim Swanson of Owl Eyes Wilderness Survival and Bob Berg of Thunderbird Atlatl in crafting your very own atlatl and dart. An atlatl is an ancient spear throwing weapon that has been used by humans all over the globe. Learn how to respectfully gather wood to craft an atlatl and dart. The atlatls made in this class take a good amount of time and carving skill. Beginners and kids are welcome as long as you are ready to focus on carving wood for a good amount of the day. Carving techniques and sharpening skills will be covered as well. This class runs all day Thursday. Students should come with a knife, saw, knife sharpener, and anything they would need to feel comfortable and take care of their basic needs. Tim will have tools to borrow and buy. This class is a perfect preparation for anyone wishing to compete in the atlatl competition!

limit 12 students

Owl Eyes Wilderness Survival


Thunderbird Atlatl


Harmony Cronin:  Make a Folded Bark Basket

Join Harmony and make a beautiful and functional folded bark basket, from cutting a tree to the final touches on your finished container.

limit 10 students


Len Mackey:  Make a Wood Framed Hand Drum (which you can play at the drum circle!)

Create good vibrations! Make your own frame drum and mallet. Learn how to safely cut your own raw hide cord and drum head from a whitetail deer skin, then stretch and tune over a wooden frame. Construct a mallet with a hardwood stick, string and leather. Combine the two together and play some music! Take home a beautiful instrument and a few songs to share with your tribe.  Materials fee – $85 

limit 6 students


Ancient Earth Skills

drum making class pic.JPG
drum making frame on skin.JPG

Kevin Bouck:  Rifle Marksmanship

Marksmanship is the ability to shoot skillfully, accurately, and consistently, and is an invaluable skill for those wanting to ensure wild meat for the table.  Kevin is a CMP GSMM Master Instructor with over 40 years of experience.  This class will cover all of the basic shooting positions as well as improvised positions for the field, as well as safety and other basics.  This is a great opportunity for all skill levels.  All equipment will be provided.


limit 10 students (minimum of 5 to run class)


Cheeny Plante:  Navigation

Cheeny was a SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape) specialist in the Air Force and taught land navigation to thousands of pilots and crew members over a period of 12 years. She is an avid hiker who only gets lost three times a year lol! This day-long course will cover map and compass nomenclature, how to read grid coordinates, how to operate a Garmin GPS, how to plot points on a map, figure out general location, how to create a navigation checklist and how to navigate using a compass and celestial aids.  


limit 10 students


Jonathan Shapiro:  Tracking

Learn to read the stories of our wild animal kin—join Jonathan Shapiro of Fox Paw School for a full day of tracking, awareness, and learning the land.


Tracking is both a technical skill and a source of deep meaning and connection to our landscape. This day-long course will cover track ID, awareness and observation skills, and animal biomechanics and movement patterns—and we’ll spend plenty of time learning about the lives of our animal kin from the track and sign they leave behind.


Please come prepared to wander. Expect to walk up to several miles over uneven and possibly hilly terrain. This class is aimed at adults and motivated teens.

limit 10 students

beaver tracks.jpg
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