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2021 Classes 

July 9-11

     The ability to build a shelter is an essential outdoor skill and often the number one priority in a survival situation.  Having adequate protection from cold, wind, rain, or snow can be the difference between life and death, especially in extreme environments.  The environment you're in, the materials at hand, and the amount of time you expect to stay will determine the type of shelter you need, from a quick lean-to for getting out of the rain, to a more permanent structure. 

     In this class we will work together to construct a Northland Tilt, a long-term log tent shelter which can be used year-round.  LIMIT 10 STUDENTS 

August 28-29

     Have you always wanted to forage for food and medicine but didn't know where to start?  Here's your opportunity!  We will learn to identify some of the many edible and medicinal plants commonly found here in the northeast.  We will also talk about the benefits of including wild foods in the diet, and learn the basics of making plant medicines.    LIMIT 12 STUDENTS 

August 27-29

     Tanning animal hides is an art that people around the world have practiced since the stone age (or maybe longer!).  By altering the protein structure of a hide, it becomes something all together different:  a fabric that can be made into durable clothing.   LIMIT 4 STUDENTS 

September 4-5

Looking for more than an ordinary weekend with the kids?  Come camp at Moose Ridge and learn some outdoor skills!  

  • Friction fire

  • Archery

  • Hatchet throwing

  • Atlatls

  • Campfire cooking

  • Edible and medicinal plants

  • Wood carving

  • Nature walks

  • Much More!

September 25-26

     Come camp with us and craft a warm pair of Mukluks for the winter weather that's just around the corner.  We will be using leather, wool liners, and canvas.  All materials are included.  LIMIT 6 STUDENTS 

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